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Towards Global Understanding

KBS's record as a language services innovator and pioneer of Korean-language printing stretches back to its establishment in 1968.
A corporate culture founded on hard work and creativity has empowered us time and again to overcome linguistic challenges in printing, spawning achievements ranging from the deployment of the world’s first Korean-language computerized typesetting to early success in outputting multi-language page layouts with Macintosh desktop publishing technology.

In a global economy where people, products, and ideas flow freely across national borders, localization—the adaptation of information for effective communication to non-native audiences through translation—is an increasingly essential service.
KBS language specialists draw on extensive experience as they work to adapt content to local cultural values and social customs, moving beyond words and letters to focus on big-picture issues like composition, layout, and design. Much more than the mere transposition of one language into another, this comprehensive approach is the hallmark of our state-of-the-art localization solutions.

Behind everything we do is a belief in the goodness of a world where people of all nationalities can reap the benefits of true communication—a commitment to working together, towards global understanding.

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