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With regard to information on individuals such as customers, business contacts and employees handled in the course of business, the Company will observe laws and regulations relating to personal information protection and other codes and establish voluntary rules and frameworks. The Company sets forth the Personal Information Protection Policy as stated below, and declares that it will implement and uphold the Policy.

  1. In order to implement the above declaration, the Company will set forth the "Personal Information Protection Rules", disseminate the Rules to the Company's employees (including part-time workers and temporarily-employed workers) and other persons involved in the Company's business operation, and continuously improve and uphold the Rules.
  2. When collecting personal information, the Company will inform or disclose to the individual about the purpose for which personal information will be used and other necessary matters. Personal information will be collected by legal and just means, and the Company will not use any form of deception.
  3. All personal information collected will be used within the scope of the informed or disclosed purposes, and handled only by authorized persons only to the extent that is necessary to carry out their specific duties.
  4. To secure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the Company will take information security measures and other security precautions and protect personal information from such danger as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage.
  5. The Company will not provide an individual's personal information to a third party unless given prior consent of that individual or required to do so by laws and regulations relating to personal information protection.
  6. When the Company shares personal information with a third party or provides personal information to a third party to whom the Company has contracted out work, the Company will take necessary legal measures to prevent personal information from being leaked from third parties.
  7. When an individual asks for disclosure/correction/suspense of use etc. of his/her personal information, the Company will respond appropriately to such requests in a manner approved by the Company.
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