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Multi-lingual document generation – Years of experience and cordiality

■ Design and Layout

Design and Layout are a vital part of typesetting and printing. The first impression of a product is most definitely decided by its design. Not only must the design be natural and in harmony with the product, and not just a nice decoration, it must also be the best possible value for money. At KBS, we seek to look at every piece from the customer’s perspective, and aim to provide the very best possible expression and harmony in our designs and layouts.

■ Typesetting

Just like different countries have different cultures, they also have different rules regarding typesetting. We work with care and passion to aim for a layout that will not just be a case of lining up words on a page, but will reflect the culture of the target language.

■ Applications Catered for

■ Printing

The Printing Industry is a fast paced and constantly changing environment. Our staff are constantly working hard to provide customers with the best technology and costs to fit their varied needs, from small lot runs like menus, to extensive print jobs like fliers, anthologies, or high definition anthologies of pictures or paintings.

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